P olly is a field naturalist, wildlife rehabilitator, freelance journalist, photographer and wildlife guide who has always worked in the rural environment, surrounded by animals. For many years she and her family farmed and she has always written and illustrated her articles since soon after leaving school. She has a passion for remote places and feels strongly about the need to support small rural communities, particularly in the Hebrides and more far-flung areas of Scotland. In her work she strives to promote the importance of having respect for nature and feels without this we have no hope.
She is currently the wildlife writer for the Scottish Field, a monthly correspondent for Tractor and Farming Heritage Magazine, and The People's Friend, has regular columns and features in a wide range of other magazines including Scots Magazine, and Scottish Farmer.
For 12 years she worked for Country Artists as editor, and main contributor to their company magazine and advertising book. Her first book, "Dancing with Ospreys", was illustrated by Keith Brockie and was written after several years of monitoring a pair of ospreys in Perthshire.
Always having been involved with farming and having a passion for native farm livestock, and a particular interest in sheep, she produced a second book, "RURAL PORTRAITS - Scotland's Native Farm Animals, Characters & Landscapes", also illustrated by Keith Brockie. She hopes that this helped raise awareness to the importance of the survival of native breeds, and those involved with them.

Polly also specialises in children and animal portraiture. She has built up an extensive photographic library covering a wide range of subjects including: Scotland's flora and fauna, landscape, farm animals, domestic pets, from dogs to ferrets, guinea pigs to pygmy goats. Her work regularly features on cards and calendars. Prices for use of her photographs, supplied at high resolution on CD, available on request.
Polly's third book featuring her countryside photography: "FURTHER AFIELD", was published by Langford Press in April 2004. and unusually her son, Freddy did the graphic design when he was only 15.
Specialising in wild flowers photography she provided most of the images for Faith Anstey's highly successful "FLOWERS in the FIELD" published in 2010 by Whittet Books.
In 2012 "FAUNA SCOTICA - Animals and People in Scotland" co-authored with Borders writer Mary Low, was published by Birlinn.
Polly and red dear calf
Polly is available to undertake PR work, from setting up new displays to writing publicity material, brochures or advertisements, and contacting press and media. She is also available to give illustrated talks on a wide range of subjects.
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