Polly Pullar is a field naturalist, wildlife rehabilitator, freelance journalist and photographer who works in the rural environment surrounded by animals. With a passion for wild places, her work reflects her deep love and understanding for the need to protect the natural environment at all costs.
She contributes monthly to the Scots Magazine and People's Friend, and until recently was wildlife writer for the Scottish Field for many years. She contributes to a wide range of other publications including BBC Wildlife on a regular basis, and for 12 years was editor and wildlife advisor to Country Artists, and produced their in-house company magazine.
Her books include, Dancing with Ospreys, illustrated by Keith Brockie, Rural Portraits - Scotland's Native Farm Animals, Characters & Landscapes, also illustrated by Keith Brockie, Fauna Scotica, People & Animals in Scotland, co-authored by Mary Low, and A Drop in the Ocean - Lawrence MacEwen and the Island of Muck.  See the links across the top.
Her latest book, A Richness of Martens, Wildlife Tales from Ardnamurchan, not only tells the extraordinary story of a couple who have turned their entire lives over to this much misunderstood mustelid with a penchant for mischief, but is a deeply personal journey depicting many of the author's own experiences with the wealth of wildlife found in and around Ardnamurchan's Atlantic oakwoodlands.
She wrote the text to accompany Neil McIntyre's fabulous, world-class photographic images for his book The Red Squirrel - A Future in the Forest, published April 2017. This important conservation book has received wide acclaim.
The Winged Collective, a unique gift book can be ordered from www.booksillustrated.com. Polly's text accompanies the paintings of renowned artist Clare Mackie.
In 2016 Polly became the co-founder of A Write Highland Hoolie - Mallaig's inaugural Book Festival, and it is her hope that this great event aimed at a wide audience continues on into the future.
Polly's Collies - a calendar for 2019 has recently been published.   click   > > >

Polly and her Collie
Polly Collie calendar

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