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Here, in Further Afield, you will discover the serenity of a frosted morning in Glen Lyon as the light just peeps over the distant mountains, or the beauty of bluebells under wind-blown oaks on the seashore; abstract patterns of coiled seaweed on the sand and the fantastic disc-like suckers of weed on a reef, or shells strewn on the beach.
Her close-ups of birds and mammals are beautiful, and include razor-sharp images in which she captures their behaviour quite brilliantly, from a young red deer hind bedraggled after days of incessant rain, to seaweed-eating sheep skipping between dozing seals, or a study of a frog, perfect in every detail. There are garrulous gannets starkly white against a brilliant azure sky, and the colourfully familiar shapes of comical puffins residing on islands in the Firth of Forth. In the woods and fields she captures minute detail always with great clarity, from orchids on the machair to giant hogweed covered with rimey hoar frost, or abstract patterns of flag iris leaves strongly lit with low sunshine.
Many of the creatures have been taken close to home and include amusing pictures of goats, sheep, dogs, ponies and other domestic creatures - a hen sitting on the sofa with a Staffordshire bull terrier, or a large group of golden retrievers. From deer to owls and domestic fowls, the relationship with the photographer and her subjects will delight. Humour is never far from the surface and is clearly revealed when she encounters one particularly aggressive cock red grouse.
There is something here for anyone with the remotest interest in the natural world and love of animals.

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